Medication Packs

  • Provides a convenient method for patients to self-monitor medication consumption
  • Eliminates the need to remember whether a certain dose has been taken
  • Gives patients and caregivers an immediate visual verification of doses taken or skipped
  • Effective for medications that should be consumed at different times of day, as it eliminates the need for decision-making regarding which medications are taken at different times
  • Mitigates non-adherence by eliminating the need for patients to open multiple containers for each dose
  • Can help solve you and your family’s medication adherence worries

Multiple Rx's, one easy pack

  • Receive your medications sorted by date and time in a convenient blister pack
  • Can be delivered to you each month days before you run out
  • Keep track of whether medications are taken or not
  • Great for caregivers

Safe and convenient

Multi-dose medication packaging makes it easy to take your medications as directed by your physician. Each peel-open blister pack contains your prescribed medication for a specific day and time (morning, noon, evening and bedtime).

  • Filled directly by your pharmacist
  • Your pharmacist will have a convenient way to monitor all medications you’re on and look for possible drug interactions
  • Cleaner and more convenient than traditional pill boxes
  • Detachable and portable
  • Color-coded for the time of day so you will have a visual as to which medications to take

Have the comfort and safety of knowing you took the right medication at the right time.